Fruit varieties processed are various lemon cultivars, Valencia Oranges, Navel Oranges and a variety of soft citrus fruit.




Cold Pressed Oils
Oil Phase Aromas
Blended Products
New Product Development

VENCO makes use of both JBT and BROWN equipment technology for juice and oil extraction and Alfa Laval technology for Juice Clarification and Oil Separation.

VENCO is committed to produce products that adhere to
highest global quality standards.

Through innovation to be the leading Fruit Processor in South Africa.


VENCO creates and maintains optimum prices of fruit for its shareholders in order to secure a prosperous future for all its stakeholders.


Our values are :

Caring about other people - We treat all people with respect and dignity. We work together to understand each other’s needs and help each other to succeed.

We exceed our customer’s expectations - We identify the need of our customers, both internally and externally and exceed their expectations.

Passion - We act with a sense of urgency and take accountability for those actions, not for reward but because we could not imagine settling for anything less than the best.

Excellence - We are effective by applying a disciplined approach to all that we do. We continuously develop our people to high level of competency so we can exceed expectations at all times.

Integrity - We operate with honesty, loyalty, trust and respect for each other, our shareholders, our customers and our environment.

Innovation - We constantly reinvent through creative thinking, people development and cutting edge innovation.

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