The Company was originally founded in 1946 by a group of Port Elizabeth businessmen.

Their primary objective was to market high-class orange crushes and juices and sell to the Ministry of Food in England.

In 1953 the company was taken over by Dutch Industrial combine Honig N.V. The company produced juices and concentrates in hot pack as well as frozen form from oranges, lemons and grapefruit.  Val-Orange also exported candied peel to England.

In 1953 Val-Orange was the first company in South Africa to produce Pineapple concentrate and also started glazing pineapple slices.

In 2012 the company became Venco Fruit Processors (Pty), under the combined ownership of the following shareholders:

Sundays River Citrus Company (PTY) Ltd
Safresco South Africa (PTY) Ltd
Sunriver Holding (Pty) Ltd
Sitrusrand Boerdery

Today, the VENCO processing factory is located in the heart of South African citrus production region called the Sundays River Valley.  

VENCO processes between 90 000 and 110 000 tons of citrus fruit per annum.  Fruit varieties processed are various lemon cultivars, Valencia Oranges, Navel Oranges and a variety of soft citrus fruit.

VENCO Products Ranges from:


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